kathryn (thisautumnheat) wrote,

claim to fame

T and I were watching some DVR'ed Ghost Hunters last night and they went to upstate NY and then I was like, "Hey! My road! The store! The beach!" So my road, the Robeson General Store, and the store beach were on Ghost Hunters. V. impressive.

The first two classes went well, sort of. Racism is going to be a good one (except for the fact that we're supposed to be a non-judgmental class but the teacher AGGRESSIVELY rolled her eyes when two of girls had us said we liked football), I think, but Research is going to kind of blow. Donner and T know my issues with people in class telling personal stories that are not at all relevant to learning. Like, a 10 minute long anecdote about your grandparents, wrapped up with, "I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say here/I haven't really formulated a question yet" (AKA "I just wanted to hear myself goddamn talk") is something that will put me THROUGH the ROOF.

So the Research class is full of non-degree students who are older, including one guy with crazy rolling eyes who reminds me of George O'Malley in speech pattern alone, who don't understand that the purpose of a course on research methods should be focused on research methods, not the research itself. When the professor brings in an article from the NY Times discussing the rising rates of bipolar diagnosis in adolescents, we should be discussing how they got that data, not how in your volunteer experience you treated a lot of children who were being prescribed Risperdal and Seroquel and it was bad blah blah blah.

Yes. I understand that's bad. But if you want to talk about your feelings about the misuse of adult anti-psychotic medications, please read the newspaper. You'll read the article the day it's published and be able to air your thoughts then, not at 7 p.m. when my blood sugar is dangerously low and I have been at Boston University for 12 hours.

Anyway. Bob's Southern Bistro tonight, Lauren Stewart this weekend, BC game on Saturday.

Happy birthday, Donner!
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