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elective class for next semester...

SSW CP 764 Group Dynamics
This course provides an opportunity to learn experientially about groups and about oneself in a group. Students assume a major responsibility for developing as a group and for reflecting upon its processes and content, structure and leadership. This involves critical examination of small group theory, as well as students’ use of the dynamic experience to refine and enhance their use of self as group workers. Schiller. 3 cr, 2nd sem. 

SSW HB 723 Adult Psychopathology
This course provides students with a framework for understanding human behavior when there are challenges to healthy functioning. The descriptive approach offered by DSM-IV is used as a basis for assessment and diagnosis, and emphasis is placed on learning about the etiologies, phenomenology, and course of the most commonly seen mental disorders. Throughout the course, differing conceptual frameworks and ethical dilemmas in assessment and practice are explored. Case materials from students, from films, and from the instructor are used to help integrate clinical practice concepts. Furlong. 3 cr, 1st & 2nd sem.

SSW HB 727 Child Psychopathology
This course explores the disorders of childhood from a developmental perspective within a family systems context. It focuses on etiology (biological, psychological, and social), differential diagnosis, and the implications for social work intervention. Saunders. 3 cr, 1st & 2nd sem.

SSW HB 741 Family Violence in Society
This course introduces students to the effects of family violence on individuals and communities. Special focus is given to the treatment of children, women, and elders affected by the violence of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. In addition, clinical interventions for batterers who perpetrate physical and sexual abuse will be discussed. This course examines family violence from an ecological perspective and is relevant to social work practice with all populations and age groups. 3 cr.

SSW HB 744 Spirituality and Social Work Practice
Prereq: open to students outside of School of Social Work with permission of Human Behavior Department Chair. Based on the assumption that social work is a profession that wants to understand the whole person-in-the-environment, this course explores the interrelationship between spirituality and social work practice. In this course “spirituality” explores the human longing for a sense of meaning through morally responsible relationships among diverse individuals, families, communities, and cultures. The course provides a general framework for spiritually sensitive practice, and students formulate individual practice frameworks derived from assignments, class discussion, personal interests, ethics, and values. This course presents an integrative, multidisciplinary approach. Comparative religious studies, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and social work provide historical, cultural, and religious background and philosophy to this course and social work practice. Lezotte. 3 cr, 2nd sem.

I have to pick one.
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